The No-Sew Trick for Repairing Your Favorite T-Shirt

Bandage up that hole

Switch your iron to the wool setting—don’t worry about fabric damage, this method is safe for any cotton tee—then, gently place a white, semi-iridescent pressed cloth over the web and stabilizer, and dampen the area using a spray bottle.

Once moistened, take your heated iron and place it directly on top of the damaged area. Our host tell us that there is no need to press or shift the cloth. Just place the iron on top for 10 seconds, then carefully remove so as not to disturb the webbing.

Perform the finishing touches

Remove the cloth and turn the tee inside out so that the ‘right’ side is facing you. Take a look at the hole; if you notice that not all loose threads have merged, repeat step one and gather the area together by using your fingers. Then, press the side with the iron once again.


This process may take you a few tries, but once you get it, you will know—that unsightly hole will be completely gone!

We wish we had heard about this one a loooong time ago! To learn how to make a more permanent repair by using a simple needle and thread technique, be sure to click on Professor Pincushion’s video below!

Source: Youtube – Professor Picushion