The Perfect Fried Egg

There is a perfect breakfast that can always be counted on and for me, that is the fried egg.

I am in love with the fact that it’s one of those quick and simple dishes that anyone can make, even if you’re a novice and just learning, this dish is the perfect place to get started! Fried eggs make it easy to have a nourishing breakfast or a satisfying lunch — just tuck a yummy fried egg in between two pieces of bread add some cheese and lunch meatand you have a tasty sandwich!

Plus, you can add flair to almost any dish just by adding a fried egg on top, which is why it’s crucial that you learn to make this dish just right. Fortunately, we recently came across a guide that guarantees a perfect fried egg every time!


What we really like about this method is that includes instructions for both an over-easy egg and a sunny side up egg, so you can really customize it to get just the kind of flavor and texture you want. If you’re not familiar with the two kinds, an over-easy egg is cooked on both sides and a sunny side up egg is cooked on only one side. Take your pick, because they’re both sensational!

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