The Perfect Yellow Cake

When you see a slice of cake with that tell-tale beautiful golden-yellow hue, you just know it’s going to be good. Yellow cake is named for its signature color and we have always just loved its buttery, vanilla flavor. Our version here is just right: moist, fluffy, easy as can be, and absolutely delicious. There isn’t really anything more you could want from a slice of cake. We daresay this one might be just about perfect.

The allure of boxed cake mix is understandable. The taste is predictable and you know it will come out right. But there’s just nothing like a homemade cake… maybe it’s the love that goes into it! We promise this classic yellow cake is almost just as quick as using a mix and it comes out perfect every time. And with that wonderful buttery flavor, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be mixing this one up from scratch. A box just can’t capture that.


This cake is so versatile because it pairs so well with so many different flavors. We love it with raspberry, peanut butter, or a fluffy vanilla frosting, and we’re sure you have your favorites too, but the absolute classic combination is with a rich chocolate frosting.

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