I love a new cooking gadget and shopping so you can imagine what my kitchen drawers look like. My equivalent to a cooking junk drawer is overflowing with different size lemon zesters, meat thermometers, digital, instant read and several old school kind with the dial.

When I saw this article, a list of 50 favorite kitchen tools used by America’s best chef’s I was amazed. I took a look at all the gadgets on the list and then all the gadgets in my drawers and cabinets and I realized that I use very few.

When used properly these gadgets can seriously enhance the flavor of your meals. So instead of having a cluttered junk drawer of moderately priced items that only take up space – start using them!

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This list will show you what they are for, what else you should try and why the professional chefs always have them laying around.

Hey, these professional chefs make the big bucks for a reason!

Check out my top five favorites from this long list and to see if they’re the same ones you can’t live without.

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