Make These Simple Changes to Make the Best Grilled Chicken Ever!

Grilled chicken is an incredibly popular main course, partly because it’s light and lean and partly because it’s so easy to make. Plus, it appeals to a wide range of people, so if you’re not sure what to serve or you’re hosting a diverse crowd, we’d definitely recommend it as one of our top choices for making everyone at the table happy! In fact, we’d put it on our list as one of the recipes that every home cook should learn how to make.

As easy as grilled chicken is to make, however, there are still a few common mistakes that people make, and these missteps can seriously compromise the flavor, texture and overall quality of the meat. For example, many people simply pour a sugary, store-bought sauce on top of the chicken instead of letting it marinade. The bottled sauce can make the chicken stick to the grill, but a simple homemade marinade can really bring out and also enhance the chicken’s natural flavor, as well as make it even more succulent and tender.

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