These 9 Things Could be Jacking Up Your Body

Name something you only get one of in a lifetime yet still take for granted. Mom? Best friend? Imaginary best friend? They’re all correct, but not what we’re talking about here. It’s all about your body.

We try to care of it as best we can and some things are out of our control. Yet there are other things that we should be doing better to keep it in tiptop shape. This list below highlights a few small things that you could be doing to your body that aren’t so good for its overall health. Let’s take a look!

9- Taking Too Many Vitamins

Vitamin supplements are the norm these days, but recent reports indicate that taking too many can actually do more harm than good. Dosage levels may be too high, causing subtle problems like irritability or insomnia. Recently, it was reported that Americans are taking too much Vitamin D, which can lead to kidney stones, fractures, or cancer.

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8- Messing Up Your Posture

You may not realize it, but constant texting and the like causes your neck to bend for prolonged periods, contributing to posture issues. Other things like sitting with your legs crossed or hunching over a computer for hours can misalign the spine or hips.

7- Mistreating Your Feet

Being kind to your feet starts with wearing the right shoes in the right size. But it doesn’t stop there. Dirty deeds you may need to correct include having poor foot hygiene or being exclusive with one pair of shoes.

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