These Amazing Potatoes Will Outshine Your Entree!

If you thought potatoes are always just a side dish, you thought wrong! Granted, most of the time we tend to serve potatoes as a side, but with this recipe I always make an exception. You see, these scalloped potatoes are out of this world! They are super tasty and creamy (even though there’s no cream involved), and you can tweak the recipe in various ways to make it exactly as you like it.
First, let me tell you, I am not a fan of Tabasco sauce at all. It’s just not my thing, just like some people dislike onions. I really didn’t want to add it to these potatoes but since my husband loves it, I thought, alright.
I think that’s exactly what made all the difference! I’ve tried plenty of scalloped potatoes before but none of them turned out as delish as these. I might actually add even more of it, the next time I make these!

If you’d like to serve these as an entree, you can easily add some leftover chicken or ground beef to make it a hearty meal. However, I honestly think these are so good on their own, that I would happily eat these for dinner as they are!

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People tend to say potatoes can’t be frozen for later, but I had some leftovers that I decided to freeze for a later time. They were just as tasty when I had them for lunch the next week!
To make the prep work easier, you could use a mandolin vegetable slicer to slice the potatoes. It will make this much quicker for you, especially if you are cooking for a larger crowd and decide to double the ingredients. But these are well worth the effort even if you don’t have a slicer!
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