These Are The 3 Most Popular Sandwiches On Pinterest…And They’re A Little Unusual

These Recipes Are Pretty Controversial…We Were Surprised by the Backlash!

When you think of a sandwich, you probably think of meat, cheese, veggies and other goodies stuffed in between two hearty slices of bread. Well, there are a lot of adventurous foodies out there, and they’re challenging long-held assumptions about what a sandwich is supposed to look like. As usual, you can look to social media to tell you what the latest trends are, in this case Pinterest. There are a few rather interesting takes on the sandwich that are making the rounds on Pinterest, with some being shared hundreds of thousands of times.

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One, for example, is basically just cucumber slices! Now, this has obviously opened up a whole debate about culinary terms and what does and doesn’t qualify as a sandwich. After all, there are a lot of sandwich aficionados who take their sandwich-eating seriously, and are offended that people seem to be calling pretty much anything a sandwich nowadays! On the other hand, you’ve got to admire their creativity. They certainly know how to experiment and come up with new and interesting food combinations.

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