These Cheddar Meatball Poppers Are Your Happily Ever After

My son is infamous for never telling me anything that’s going on until the very last minute. Sports games and practices, school meetings, friends coming over, it doesn’t really matter…I’m the last to find out. Well, the last thing he had going on was a study session, which he was nice enough to volunteer our house for. I don’t mind him and his friends coming over, in fact, I love it. At least I know where they are then. However, they can get pretty crazy when it comes to going through my kitchen.

They can wipe out entire bags of chips and other snacks and suck down cases of soda in just one sitting. I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen this time. I had just gone to the grocery store! So, to prevent the chaos in the kitchen, I decided to make these cheddar meatballs from Spend with Pennies. I figured the outer crust would fill them up while the meaty insides would give them the protein they needed.

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I was right! After I set these on the table, they didn’t get up once to grab something to eat. They did ask for another batch, which I already had going because….Moms just know!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Spend with Pennies.