I love street tacos especially when I have been out drinking and having a good time after a long and grueling day at work. However, the price tag associated with street tacos come with a heavy price – these delicious little morsels can cost $1.00 a pop!

Anyone who has indulged in tacos after a night of clubbing knows how expensive they are but still pays the ridiculous fine regardless.

However, instead of running to the nearest taco truck or street corner to enjoy my nightly treat I made them myself and I have to say I was quite impressed.

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These little tacos in a spicy tomato-chipolata sauce will have you saying, Ay dios mio, Me encantan estos Tinga De Pollo….

The Tinga De Pollo (Spicy Chicken Tacos) have a nice marinated, rich base of peppers, tomato, garlic and onions. You are going to love how it all sets together in this robust, rich dish.

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