This Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Is Made Right In The Crock Pot And The Secret Ingredient Makes It Taste Simply Amazing!

If You Are Looking For A Way To Make Breakfast Even Easier, Then You Need To Make This Crock Pot Cinnamon Swirl French Toast!

Most of us when we wake up in the morning just don’t have time for a big breakfast. This means we grab a granola bar on our way out the door. Or maybe we even stop at a drive-thru on our way to work. Some of us skip breakfast completely.

This is why on the weekends, breakfast is a big deal. However, if you still don’t want to spend forever making something, you can make this amazing crock pot cinnamon swirl french toast. The crock pot does all the hard work for so you can just relax and enjoy it.

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You can throw it all together the night before and wake up to a great smell breakfast that will make your mouth water. It is made by combining some delicious cinnamon swirl bread with the perfect blend of spices including cinnamon. It also has a secret ingredient added in at the last minute that makes it so flavorful! You’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

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