This German Potato Salad Is a Bacon Lovers Dream

This Is Authentic German Food At Its Finest

Now that it’s warm weather, if you’re like us you’re gearing for a summer of backyard cookouts complete with everything from burgers to cole slaw to our personal favorite, potato salad. Many of us are probably most familiar with the tangy mustard version bought at stores and routinely served at backyard BBQs, potluck dinners, and similar gatherings. However, that’s not the only way to make it. In fact, we prefer the authentic German version, which is incredibly tangy and loaded with goodies like scallions, salt, pepper, parsley and a generous helping of bacon.

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In fact, you could call this variation on potato salad the bacon-lovers version of this classic recipe, because it’s stuffed with plenty of bacon that really enhances the flavor of the potatoes and complements the spices and seasonings. It goes well with burgers, hot dogs, ribs or anything else you might serve at a cookout, but definitely, mixes things up a bit and will make your gathering stand out!

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