This Homemade Beef Pot Pie Is the Pot Pie to End Pot Pies. It’s Amazing!!!

Was anyone else a really, really terrible eater when they were a kid? I don’t just mean picky, but like the actual act of eating you were terrible at. I have a fairly small mouth and large tonsils. While I’ve figured this out in the last 10 years or so, none of the adults in my life when I was little seemed to notice. This meant that I choked a lot and often. The act of eating was always an arduous thing, especially when it came to meats like beef. I’d just sit there unable to swallow even the smallest bite because it would grow as I chewed. I’d sit there until someone told me I could spit it out. I kid you not. This lasted for 3 or 4 years.

I honestly think that part of my preference towards chicken over beef has to do with just constantly choking on pieces of steak, pot roast, etc. Beef night meant that I was going to end up in tears.

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Due to my preference of chicken over beef, I never really ate the beef variety of pot pies, Top Ramen, etc. I always went for the chicken. Chicken pot pies were always a special treat. I remember my mom bringing home a beef pot pie one time, and I was so mad.

I have since gotten over my beef hate. Have you ever had a good, homemade beef pot pie? Bloody amazing! They’re so good. This recipe is especially good because it uses steak and mushrooms. Mmmm, you all know how much I dig mushrooms! It’s a fairly easy process though it does take some time. Whatever though! It’s well worth the wait. Check out the recipe on the next page.

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