This House On Wheels Comes Fully Furnished and Sleeps 6 People

For some people, living in a scenic cabin in the woods is the dream. For others, the idea of living out on the open road is how they would love to live. Well, for those people who want a little excitement in their lives, there’s this incredible series of houses, called the Rustic River Park Home. And they might just be your dreams come true. But these rustics homes aren’t normal houses, not by a long shot. Instead, they’re tiny RVs, ready to hit the open road at a moment’s notice or camp out deep in the forest of your choice.


Life would certainly be an adventure in one of these incredible tiny homes!

As you can see, the Rustic River Park Homes are not your everyday RVs. When you picture an RV, what do you see? Probably plastic siding and a tacky spray paint job, right? Well, these fully furnished mobile homes are nothing of the sort; every style of these rustic homes are built tastefully, using classy wooden detailing and regular house sidings. But that is the only “regular” thing about this mobile home.

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