THIS is the Real Reason Why Wheat is Making You Sick!

You’ve probably heard about the gluten-free diet. Those who have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, and even those who avoid it just in case have sworn off products containing gluten, including wheat. But some evidence shows that it may not be gluten that Americans should be worried about when it comes to wheat. The real culprit is far worse.

The protocol for wheat harvesting in the United States is to drench the wheat field with an herbicide called Roundup several days before the harvesters work through the fields, as dead wheat plants are easier on the farm equipment and allow for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest. Roundup and other herbicides contain a deadly active ingredient to wheat and barley known as glyphosate. It has been used pre-harvest from as early as 1980 and has become a routine drying agent 7-10 days before harvest.

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Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT has studied the issue in-depth and has even presented her findings at nutrition conferences. She found that desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest was so popular by the 1990s that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States has become contaminated with it. She explained that when you expose wheat to a toxic chemical such as glyphosate, it releases more seeds, which results in a slightly greater yield.

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