This Is What Will Happen Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles

During the experiment, each participant was asked to consume instant noodles and homemade noodles on a daily basis.

The final results were then processed from the recorded videos from the tiny camera which lasted for 32 hours. The footage has confirmed that after 1-2 hours of digestion, the homemade noodles have been processed completely. However, the processes/instant noodles kept their original shape and were barely digested.

Instant Noodles

The fresh, homemade noodles were processed by the stomach in the way they should be processed. However, when it comes to instant noodles, the video has shown that the stomach was making painful contractions in order to break them down.

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Whenever the stomach makes such strong contractions trying to break down food, it gradually reduces its ability to process nutrients even from fresh, healthy food. In addition, the harmful preservatives and chemicals found in processed food cannot be removed from the stomach effectively when the stomach is preoccupied with an activity like this.

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