It Only Uses 3 Ingredients…But Is Loaded With Flavor!

When many of us think of pasta, we probably think of spaghetti or maybe fettuccini alfredo or any number of similar dishes that have become popular outside of Italy over the years. However, in Italy, they eat many different types of pasta that a lot of us have never even heard of! For example, in the last couple of years, Roman pastas have been all the rage. While many people have become familiar with cacio e pepe or pasta carbonera, far less people know about pasta alla gricia.

Pasta alla gricia uses just three ingredients for its sauce: cured pork jowl, called guanciale; Peccorino Romano cheese, which has a nutty flavor; and black pepper. What could be simpler? We will note this: both the cheese and the pork tend to be pretty salty all on their own, so definitely taste the pasta first before adding any salt. You can use nearly any type of noodle for this pasta, though the traditional form typically uses spaghetti or rigatoni. However, we think it tastes pretty great with linguine or penne pasta as well. Yum!

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