This Picnic Perfect Salad Is The “Mac” Daddy!

No mustard or mayo in this clean and crisp pasta salad.

When my husband and I first started dating and going to various events together throughout the summer, there was one thing that didn’t take me long to pick up on. He didn’t like classic cold summer salads. I couldn’t believe it. I had never met anyone like that before. I look forward to potato and mac salad along with coleslaw and all the other yummy treats of the season. I finally asked him one day what it was that turned him off when it came to some of my favorite dishes. Believe it or not, it was the creamy mayo.

He does like Miracle Whip or salad dressing, but he’s never willing to take the risk and see if that’s what the salad has been made with or not. The only time that he will eat those is when he knows that I or someone else he is close to has made it, which isn’t all the time.
I started making this yummy shrimp salad a year or so ago instead of the other creamier salads for him. That way he is guaranteed to get at least one thing he’s going to like at the event… and so is everyone else!

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You can very easily double the ingredients for this dish and make a nice big bowl of it for your next social event. The fact that there is no mayo or mustard inside is always a big hit with the crowd whenever I take it somewhere. That, and the yummy shrimp that’s scattered about. Everyone loves shrimp! Feel free to alter this in whatever way you like by subtracting any ingredients you don’t think will go over well. It’s one of those very versatile recipes that you can make your own!
You’re going to experience the same results when you make this yummy salad… just wait and see!

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