This Professional Gardener Shows Us 9 All-Natural Weed Killers that Won’t Murder Your Flowers

Finally, it’s time to trash the tarps and bust out your gardening supplies once again! Spring has (just about) sprung and everyone with a green thumb is undoubtedly ready to get back to it. But while gardening comes with many wonderful, relaxing benefits, it isn’t without some annoying aspects, too. For instance, finding a way to destroy weeds without killing your beautiful flowers in the process.

Your best bet for eliminating weeds and not your blooms are all-natural solutions. These nine weed-killing alternatives are professional gardener-approved and are made with products you might have in your cabinets at this exact moment. Check out these all-natural solutions to pesky garden weeds.

9 Natural Weed Killers That Won’t Murder Flowers

1. White Vinegar

One quick way to get rid of weeds? Pouring or spraying a little white vinegar on the offending weeds. This acidic masterpiece is perfect for shriveling weeds, just be careful of your flowers. A little excess spray won’t hurt them, but accidentally pouring the same amount of vinegar on your flowers as your weeds could kill them.

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2. Cornmeal

Bowl of cornmeal.

Want to stop weeds before they even start? The proteins in cornmeal – or specially-processed corn gluten meal – stop any seed from germinating and growing. You can also sprinkle cornmeal on grown weeds, it’ll kill them just as well as it’ll stop them from growing.

3. Newspaper

This technique is called “smothering”, and it’s the process of literally weighing down weeds so they have no light, air, or room to grow. Wet some of those grocery store fliers and lay them on top of your weeds. You’ll get rid of your junk mail AND destroy gardens weeds, all at once!

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