This Short Stack Is So Fluffy, It Looks Like A Tall Stack!

I love a good ol’ fashioned breakfast of pancakes. When I was little this was just a treat we would get every once in a while on a holiday or our birthdays. We typically had bran cereal for breakfast with a glass of milk, or maybe a slice of toast with peanut butter, so taking a trip to IHOP for a stack of pancakes or enjoying them at home was a true rare treat. However, I believe that keeping them as a treat made me appreciate them all the more.

When we would make pancakes at home, my momma would whip out the Aunt Jemima mix and make them in no time. It was easy and they would turn out beautifully every time. It was truly a no-fail recipe…until I began making them. For whatever reason, they never grew or got toasty. They would either stay too white, too flat or too nothing. They were just blah. That is when I learned how to make my own mix. I added lots of baking powder to make them rise and always left out a little of the milk so they would not be runny. This was the perfect solution to my pancake dilemma.

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