This Sweet And Sassy Cake Makes Such a Dreamy Dessert!

Surprise Your Family With Flavors From The Tropics!

Karla loves to bake. She loves it so much that she rarely leaves her kitchen at home. That’s quite fine though because that’s her business as a housewife—she bakes made-to-order cakes. At first, business was just moderately successful. But as time passed by, she’s building up a fan base so she suddenly became really busy. She is fully packed every day that she almost always fails to answer her phone. It’s the reason why she almost lost a very valued client. She was so busy that she forgot to make the most important order of the day.

The client really got angry at her and said she needed to produce a cake before the end of the day for her or there would be consequences. I knew because I was there in her house when the client called. And I was picking up a cake I ordered for one of our friends.
The client wanted pineapple cake. However, the one she knew would take a long time to make so we had to search for something that’s just easy (yes, I stayed around to help).

This one seemed simple and it also tasted really good that no one would even notice that it was easier to make than her regular pineapple cake. The client loved it and well, she’s still ordering cakes from Karla.

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How do you like your cake? Me, I want it moist and soft. Dry cakes just make you want to throw it to the nearest person and see if he or she will get bruises.

But of course, it’s not nice to play with food. You get it though, right? This cake recipe gives your cake that moist texture so I am sure you will love this!I love this cake because I love how the taste of the pineapple doesn’t really become overwhelming. Yes, there’s freshness in there, but it’s only a hint. There’s the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness that will have you clamoring for another slice!


1 box Duncan Hines pineapple or yellow cake mix
1 1/4 c Borden buttermilk
4 Eggland’s eggs, less whites from 2 eggs (save 2 egg whites for icing)
1/2 c Domino sugar
1/2 c Wesson oil
1 tsp McCormick pure vanilla extract…

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