We Never Would Have Thought of Adding These, But Boy Do They Make a Difference!

We think the salad gets a bad rap. Sure, people tout its numerous health benefits, and many people replace some of their meals with salads when they’re trying to lose weight. Still, many people think of the salad as something you “should” eat rather than the indulgent, satisfying and nourishing treat that it can be. Case in point – this amazing taco salad puts a new twist on an old favorite by adding two surprising ingredients: shrimp and tequila!

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This hearty taco salad is really easy to make and is perfect for both lunch and dinner. It’s stuffed with plenty of yummy ingredients like shrimp, tomatoes, greens, cheese, avocado, radishes and more, along with seasonings and spices such as garlic, lime, chili powder, and cumin. Wow! Plus, there’s a smooth and spicy vinaigrette dressing to top it all of.

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