This Wonder Soup Will Make You Fit Your Favorite Clothes Again!

This soup never lets me down!

You know that dreadful moment when you’re trying to find an outfit for your friend’s wedding, and you suddenly realize none of your clothes fit anymore?

I am pretty sure there’s a mysterious creature living in my closet and it’s replacing all my dresses with the same ones, only two sizes smaller. How else would you explain it that the dress I was wearing in February, is now impossible to zip? Surely it has nothing to do with all the summer BBQ’s and daily ice cream cones.

Until I either catch that creature or win the lottery so that I can replace all my clothes with new ones, I’ve found a brilliant way to ease into those dresses and skirts I would like to wear. I don’t like diets; I just don’t have the patience, but occasionally I feel the need to shed a couple of pounds. That’s when I start eating a bit healthier and adding some exercise into my days.

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As most of us probably know, it can be a lengthy process. So I’ve come up with a way to jumpstart it! I eat this super tasty cabbage soup for a few days and it makes me feel lighter immediately.