Top 7 Foods For Arthritis Pain Relief You Didn’t Know

Diet alone will not cure arthritis, but if you hold some dietary recommendations, it can significantly contribute to the alleviation of symptoms. Here are most recommended foods included in the diet to relieve arthritic symptoms.

7 Superfoods To Get Rid of Arthritis Pain

1. Broccoli

It contains a lot of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and substances that protect cells from damage. The best is short steamed. You can add it as a side dish with almost every meal.

2. Cold pressed oils

In cases of arthritis, which is an inflammatory process of low intensity, it is good in the diet to include oils and those rich in omega three fatty acids, because they contribute to the alleviation of inflammation. These are, for example, olive oil, sesame oil and the like.

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You can briefly stew carrots, kale, broccoli with a high-quality vegetable oil. In contrast, you should avoid vegetable oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids – such a refined sunflower oil that most benefit – because it encourages inflammation of low intensity.

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