Turkey And Stuffing Meatloaf

Do you love meatloaf but want a way to switch things up every now and again? There’s no need to feel like you’re turning your back on the tried-and-true classic, but why not spice things up and put a twist on the traditional version?? Instead of a beef meatloaf with a tomato-ketchup sauce, we were inspired by one of our favorite holidays for this dish. Taking a cue from all the best flavors of Thanksgiving, we made a turkey meatloaf and packed it full of flavor. Seriously, all the best parts of the Day of Thanks rolled into one dish that you can make year-round!

Instead of using breadcrumbs as a way to keep our loaf nice and moist, we used herb-seasoned stuffing mix instead. And for even more Thanksgiving flavor, we sautéed the veggies ahead of time, adding in some McCormick® Simply Better Turkey Gravy to really pump things up. You guys, what a difference this gravy makes! This gravy has no artificial flavors and no added MSG. It adds moisture and flavor, without all the effort of making your own gravy or using a dry gravy mix – plus, it doesn’t add in all those extra calories. Win-win! Along with all the flavor we put into the meat itself, we also topped our turkey loaf with more of the gravy to prevent it from drying out.

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We can’t express enough how nice it is to not get zapped in the face with some hot drippings as we struggle to make our own gravy…you’re more than welcome to make one from-scratch, but this saves time (and calories!) and gets you one step closer to having dinner on the table – and it tastes amazing! You’ll love this new spin on meatloaf, trust us, and just wait and see if it doesn’t become a part of your regular dinner routine.

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