Turkey Bacon and Cheddar Potato Cakes with Green Onions and Garlic

I will never toss out left over mashed potatoes again! This recipe was a hit! I didn’t have green onions so I sautéed a quarter onion and then added I small clove garlic for the last minute. My recipe was half the portion because I only had one cup of potatoes left over. This would go nicely as a side dish for any meat entree as well.

I made these tonight since I had leftover mashed potatoes and all but the fresh herbs but I used dried in it’s p,ace. I also decided to bake them in the oven as another person mentioned and they came out great. My husband loved them, as did I.

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Excellent mashed potato pancakes! I did not have turkey bacon so I used garlic powder but everything else was as specified. I used green onions.
My husband loves them too!

Fantastic recipe! Thanks so much for all of the comments and recipe notes, they really helped! I used leftover twice-bakec potatoes and leftover steak added. Came out GREAT! This is a 5 star “keeper”.


* 6 slices turkey bacon
* 4 cups mashed potatoes
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