Two Minute Hawaiian Pie

my family loved it! It was gone seconds after I made it! It never had a chance to firm up in the fridge! So it was soft but ohhhhh so yummy! Great in hot weather! If you’re using Redi whip instead of cool whip, add it at serving time. It gets runny! But taste better than cool whip!

This dessert sounds so dreamy you’d never think it was so easy to make. I agree with you BeckySue on toasting the coconut…it’ll add so much dimension to this already delicious pie. I suppose I need to get out more…because I’ve never heard of shortbread pie crust before, but I’m thinking maybe crushing up some shortbread cookies and using them as the crust would be ok right?

Made this pie today. It was easy and delicious. It really did only take 2 minutes to put together. It was also a big hit with my family. I like it easy.

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I got the diabetic recipe for this one from a neighbor. Use light sour cream and the large instant sugarless pudding. Everything else remains the same except that I don’t use the coconut on top. I halve strawberries or use blueberries for the top.

I made this dessert yesterday. Absolutely delicious it was a big hit, everybody loved it. Soooo good !!!!!!


1 can(s) crushed pineapples, undrained (20oz)
1 box instant vanilla pudding mix (6 serving )

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