Some Of These Mistakes Have Deadly Consequences!

Americans consume 22 million chickens every day, which adds up to 8 billion chickens annually. Wow! We knew chicken was a popular dish, but we had no idea just how frequently it appears on dinner tables all around the country. And that’s just in the U.S.; we can’t imagine how high those numbers would be if they included other countries as well.

The thing is, as common as chicken is as a dish, many people don’t know how to prepare it properly. There are several common mistakes people routinely make, and these missteps can not only affect the texture and flavor of the chicken, they can also be potentially deadly, especially when raw chicken is involved. We were a little embarrassed when we read this list, because we’ve made some of these mistakes in the past.

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One of these mistakes is so common everybody does it. Even if you are a seasoned chef, chances are you are making these errors and getting yourself and guests really sick.

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