Very Banana Banana Bread

My daughter went through a stage when she wanted a banana every single day. I couldn’t buy them fast enough it seemed. We were always running out and she was disappointed. With all the health benefits of eating bananas, I was just happy that she was so wild about them. I’ve never really been a fan. It’s purely a texture thing. I can’t get over the mushiness of the fruit. The flavor is one that I enjoy though. Anyways, when my daughter got over her banana phase, I forgot to slow down on the purchasing of them. They’re so cheap anyways that I don’t mind having extras.

That meant we had a lot of bananas that were getting overripe and going bad. I was tired of throwing them out, but I still had to buy some, because the rest of the family ate them. That’s when I started tossing them in the freezer. That was a trick my sister taught me years ago.

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Now, you may wonder what I’m going to do with overripe frozen bananas, right? Well, make banana bread of course! This recipe from All Recipes is a really good one. It’s simple, tasty, and everyone loves it. I make it all the time.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.