Warm Water vs. Cold Water – Which Damages The Health

We all like coffee after waking up or cold water for drinking. But to get most benefits of water, know if you need it warm or cold.

Many studies said warm water before breakfast is healthy and the best way to start the day.

1. Less pains

Warm water removes throat swelling, and pain relief. It soothes irritation and dryness in throat. This is good for those days when you wake up with dry throat and cannot swallow. Sip warm water and soothe cramps in belly too.

2. Better bowels

A study from Journal of “neurogastroenterology” and motility said even 58% of people have “achalasia”, when the muscles of lower esophagus cannot relax and warm water helped here. Glass of this before eating makes better colon and bowels. Also setting the body for better food absorbing in the day.

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3. Better blood flow

This improves blood flow and when you expose to warm water, blood cell flow increases. Then it goes back to normal and increases with warmth. You get warmed from within.

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