Warning Bells Go Off For This Decadent Chocolate Meringue Cake!

I believe that when it comes to desserts, you really don’t choose. You will eat anything that tastes sweet even if it involves your not-so-favorite ingredient. For example, while I love them, I am not too fond of pineapples in desserts. But whenever my Mom serves her pineapple upside down cake, I just forget my words and eat a couple of slices. It’s dessert! For me, you will always want desserts.

Recently, my husband and I visited a couple of friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time. They invited us for dinner so we could catch up. We left our kids with my brothers, and they were more than happy to be able to play with their cousin.

We had steak and roasted vegetables for dinner, along with the creamiest mashed potatoes. After dinner, we moved into the family room for our after-dinner dessert and coffee. We had chocolate meringue cake for dessert.

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For some reason, I am not a fan of chocolate meringue cake. I lemon meringue and even apple meringue, but chocolate, no. I didn’t like the taste of chocolate combined with the taste of meringue.

But that particular chocolate meringue cake that my friend served to us was an exception. The chocolate was so moist and dense, and the meringue on top has a different texture than most meringue toppings. I admit that I had a couple of small slices.

The cake was too rich that you would only want a small piece. But then you would want another small piece because you’d feel deprived. I think I have a love-hate relationship with this amazing meringue cake!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Bake Or Break.