We Finally Reveal Our Award-Winning Beef Enchilada Party Dip Recipe!

Watch your guests fight over the tortilla chips when you bring out this yummy beef enchilada party dip.

The air is getting cooler, the kids are back in school, and Sundays are being overtaken by football. This is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love the fall! Football season is such a fun time at our house because my husband hosts parties for all of our friends to enjoy. We play the game on our TV and serve the best snacks in all of Pennsylvania. Well, at least I think we do haha. Everyone keeps coming back so we must.
Anyway, if you enjoy a spicy dip that tastes like enchiladas you are going to be head over heels for the following recipe. It’s thick, cheesy, beefy. and ever so zesty. Your tortilla chips will be leaping into the bowl.


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I love using my Crock Pot, especially during football season when I need to serve dips and meatballs and other yummy things. The recipe below is for a wonderful beef enchilada party dip that I found over on Facebook. Boy oh boy, has this lady ever outdone herself with this one! I love this cheese dip in all of its spicy glory. You can dunk taco chips in this dip or pour it over your favorite Mexican food. Do what makes you happy ?
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