We Like to Think We Know a Lot About Cooking, But Even We Didn’t Know This!

You might not think too much about how you use the knife when you’re preparing food. After all, you probably use a knife every day, and it’s a pretty straightforward process, right? Well…maybe not. Most of us think we only need to worry about knife safety and making sure that we don’t cut ourselves. However, we recently discovered that there’s definitely an art to using a knife, and that we may not be getting the most out of ours because we aren’t using these simple tips!

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Using a knife can be so complex that there are even entire classes taught about how to use a knife the right way. You don’t have to enroll in a class to learn how to do this, however, because it all comes down to a few simple strategies that anyone can learn and implement. We definitely learned a lot about how to use a knife safely and efficiently, and we’re very pleased with the results!

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