We Made This Simple Change to How We Coat Our Cake Pans, and It’s a Game Changer!

We’ve Ditched the Flour for Good After Trying This…

We enjoy baking cakes, but there’s one step that we always dread, and that’s greasing and flouring the pan. It’s a tricky process that’s difficult to get just right, even if you’re an experienced cook. That’s because it’s a precise method that requires you to get just the right amount of flour. If you use too little the cake sticks, but if you use too much then the flour sticks to the outside of the cake and ruins the whole effect.

However, we recently discovered a surprising and unusual but also very simple method that prevents this: using sugar instead of flour! Yes, we were skeptical too at first, but we’ve tried it and it really does work. We worried the heat might cause the sugar to cook and create a sticky sauce that would coat the cake, but it stays firmly in place and doesn’t ruin the cake. It’s an ingenious idea!

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