Weight watchers Meatball Recipe

The instructions reference ketchup. The ingredient list does not include it. I made it without the ketchup and were still outstanding! Sincerely, Daisy P.

I updated the recipe. When I first made this recipe I used ketchup and I’ve tried it without it. Still good! Thanks Daisy.

These meatballs were awesome! Easy and incredibly tasty. Will definitely make them again 👍

Why is there a difference in freestyle pointfrom this recipe to the crockpot turkey meatballs? There are the same ingredients in both meatballs so I’m trying to figure out what thedifference is if anyone can help.

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This recipe is a favorite in my house and I have made it a ton of times. The only changes I make is I dice the onion (i love onion) and I add in some red pepper flakes. I need to double the recipe every time so we can eat it another night of the week. Thanks for a great and easy recipe!


1 lb extra lean ground beef

1 egg

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