White Cheddar Macaroni And Cheese – Creamy, Hot, And Ready To Eat!

I have always loved Mac and Cheese.
I know I am a true Mac fan because I have always loved it whether it is from a Kraft box with powdered cheese or full of gooey goodness at Cracker Barrel. One day, when I was really little, I was at Cracker Barrel trying to find exactly what I wanted. I was a super picky eater (well, let’s be honest, I still am!) and it was so hard to find something I liked on the menu. When I saw a dish of mac and cheese, I asked for it, without chicken, and waited patiently to enjoy something that I thought would be totally different.
I thought what I would be getting was a bowl of Kraft mac and cheese. It would be runny with milk and have that classic powdery cheese taste. But boy was I wrong. What I received was a big bowl of huge pasta shells covered in a white sauce. I was baffled. But I figured I would give it a try (I think I only really tried it because I was that hungry!).
I was blown away. It was absolutely amazing. Apparently, it was white cheddar cheese with another one that I could not catch and mixed with cornstarch and flour to make that perfectly thick cream of a sauce.

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I could not believe how creamy that Cracker Barrel sauce is, and this one is just as good. It is rich and full of real cheese that makes the flavors even better. It is the perfect recipe for kids or a fancy Thanksgiving meal. I have some friends who went to Mexico over the holidays and they got to eat Mexican macaroni and cheese. The white cheese was actually queso. My pals said it was the best thing ever!

Can you imagine getting the full experience over in Mexico? I think it would make it even yummier! But do not despair, you can have this awesomeness right from the comfort of your home!

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