Why You Should Always Put an Ice Cube on Your Burgers!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your grills — because grilling season is officially upon us! Nothing is better on a sunny afternoon or a smokey summer night than a burger (or literally anything, meat or otherwise) straight off the grill. We can’t put our finger on exactly makes grilled foods so incredible, but we know that if grill night were every night, we’d be happy.

But no matter how amazing you are at grilling — you might be a grill master, we believe you — there are always ways to take your grill game to the next level. These six tips are clever, simple ways to take your grilled goodies from great to gourmet.

Here are a few of our absolutely favorite tips.

What Happens if You Put Ice Cubes on Your Burgers

1- Better (and Safer) Grill Cleaning

If you haven’t heard about the dangers of grill brushes, listen up. You know those metal bristle brushes that you typically use to clean off your grill? Those bristles can sometimes fall off the brush, stay on your grill, and get lodged into your food.


Ingesting one is extremely painful and can have devasting consequences, so experts advise coming up with another way of cleaning your grill. Well, here it is: aluminum foil.

Crumple up a piece of aluminum foil, pick it up in between tongs, and scrub down the still-hot grill with the foil. This works just as well to get the crud off, but there’s no risk of those metal bristles.

For really tough grill grates, watch the video below to get a brilliant DIY idea.

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