With these five tricks you can use completely natural products to get your washing machine squeaky clean

Washing machines have to be one of the greatest household inventions ever created. Just throw your laundry in, add some detergent, press the button, and a little while later you have clean clothes.┬áBut over time, our washing machines take quite a beating and end up needing a bit of care of their own. Years of dealing with filthy clothes and hard water can leave your machine smelling musty and also cause limescale buildup that can actually be harmful to it. So if your washing machine looks like it needs a little TLC, here are some tips on how to clean it with all natural household products…

1. The door

Starting from the first wash cycle, the inside of your washing machine is subjected to constant moisture and dampness. Even after the most intense spin cycle, the drum always retains a bit of water which can lead to mildew and limescale if the drum isn’t able to dry. The best and easiest solution is to simply leave the machine door open between washes. The fresh air will help to dry things faster and prevent that nasty, musty mildew smell.


2. The door seal

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The rubber seal around the washing machine drum acts like a catcher’s mitt for things like coins, buttons, stones and other small things that end up in our pockets. If too much of these things end up in the rubber seal, it can overflow and the little objects end up rolling around in the drum during a wash.

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