Woman Loses Eyelashes After Receiving Popular Beauty Treatment

Long, thick, beautiful eyelashes are “in” according to the beauty world. That’s why many women have decided that mascara isn’t enough, and have opted for artificial lashes instead. But beauty Salon owner Emma Dhanjal is warning women everywhere about the potential dangers of fake lashes.

Dhanjal said she was horrified by what she saw when a client walked into her salon pleading for lash extensions just in time for her birthday weekend. Dhanjal posted the story to her business’s Facebook page, Emmaculate Beauty salon in Perth after she met the woman.

Dhanjal’s Warning

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research,” she wrote. “This poor girl has been left with extremely damaged natural lashes.” Dhanjal included photos of the woman’s eyelashes alongside her post.

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“She wanted lashes for her birthday this weekend and I could not lash her because she has been left with no lashes…” she wrote. “Her natural lashes are sooooo damaged from the place she has been having her lashes done, they were falling out when I touched them with tweezers.”

Dhanjal added that her client also had inflamed eyelids and she would need to see her doctor for infection. “Her lashes may never be the same again,” she said.

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