You Will Not Believe What Will Happen If You Spray Your Bed With Alcohol?

If you get some cosmetic products and read on the back of them, you will see that most of these products contain alcohol, usually as a disinfectant and adhesive substance.

If you are struggling with bed bugs, now you can easily destroy them by using rubbing alcohol. You just have to spray the mattress and pillows, and after a couple of times, your bed will be completely free of these bugs.

It can also be used for many other purposes like:

Skin cleanser

Cosmetic products for acne usually have benzyl peroxide inside. However, rubbing alcohol has anti-inflammatory effects that soothe the affected skin, disinfect pimples, and prevent the appearance of acne. Just apply it on the affected area.

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Cold Sores treatment

Almost 85 % of the world population has the herpes virus, but only some experience a break put. If you are one of those, apply 70 % isopropyl alcohol on the affected area, and watch the positive results!

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