You’ll Fall In Love With This Brunch Pie The Moment You Have Your First Bite

You Won’t Be Able To Put Your Fork Down!
The in-laws called my husband and told him that they were going to be coming up for a visit over the weekend. You know what that means, don’t you? Time for me to start cleaning. Not that they could care less about how tidy the house looks, but I do! I also had to make sure that the guest room was all set up, and we had plenty of groceries. My mother-in-law refuses to go out to eat most of the time. She will do the cooking at my house before she lets us go and get something from somewhere else. I knew that there was one dish that I was going to make on the Saturday morning that they were at our place.

I had seen a recipe for a brunch pie on Mennonite Girls Can Cook earlier in the week, and I had already planned on making it before I even knew that they were coming. It was the perfect homemade dish that my mother-in-law would go crazy for. What was nice is she even helped me make it.
It’s always fun to bond with her in the kitchen. She has so many tips and tricks when it comes to cooking, I’ve learned a lot from her. The pie turned out amazing, and even with the veggies in there, the husbands and kids still ate it. Surprising to me, but it happend.


Since that initial time making this, I have prepared it a few more times when we have early morning or over night guests.

Once in a while we will have a brunch at our church on Sundays after the service is over. I like to take this, except I do it in the crock pot so that it stays nice and warm. You can mix out the veggies and try different cheeses to suit your personal tastes. I always try and make it a little different, using some of the tips and advice that I have gotten from the MIL over the years. I could cook with her just about every day and learn something new each and every time, I think!


2 Tbsp Land O’ Lakes butter
2 cups frozen hash browns
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