You’ll Want to Fry Chicken in the Oven from Now On! This 5-Ingredient Recipe Is Genius!

We all know and love fried chicken. This comfort food staple is delicious in every way, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to make.

When you make fried chicken the traditional way (usually in a deep-fryer or in a pan full of sizzling grease), things tend to get messy. Hot and messy. And not in a good way.

Tending to your fried chicken is long and tedious work – and did we mention HOT? It is so warm standing over a stove of bubbling oil. Then clean-up afterwards, trying to scrub away all that grease, is an absolute nightmare.

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With these trials in mind, we would like to offer up a better way to make fried chicken. And it doesn’t involve cooking oil and frying pans. Blasphemous, we know, but this recipe has all the juicy, crunchy flavor you’d come to expect from your fried chicken with none of the hassle.

How is it done? By frying your chicken in the oven.

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