You’ve Had The Pie – Now Are You Ready For The Jaw-Dropping Bars?

These 3 Layers Of Pure Pleasure Will Blow Your Hair Back!

My niece was born this time of year, which has been a blessing for my sister – she really loves all the traditional fall flavors and a birthday party is a great excuse for her to make all the delicious autumn desserts. However, she always tries to tweak the traditional recipes a little; to give them a modern twist without changing them too much.

This year, I wanted to help my sister in the party preparations and she gave me this recipe she had found over at Delish. She and I are both crazy in love with sweet potato pie, so these bars are pretty much everything we could ever hope for when it comes to desserts!

Of course I had to make a test batch – you know, just to see if these were good enough for the guests… ahem. They turned out so amazing that I immediately added this recipe to our holiday menu! There’s nothing wrong with a traditional pie, of course, but these bars are totally out of this world.

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These sweet potato and marshmallow bars are very easy to make, so don’t let the lengthy list of ingredients scare you!

If you’d like these to have nice and thick layers, I recommend making these in an 8×8″ dish. However, you could make these in a larger dish to get thinner layers – in that case you may want to double the crust ingredients. The hardest part about this recipe is to let the whole thing cool completely before having your first taste!

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