10 Surprising Ways Coconut Oil Benefits Your Body Inside And Out

Have many of you wondered what the hype is regarding coconut oil; versus just a healthy alternative as a cooking oil?  Coconut oil is a pure, edible oil that benefits your overall well-being, hair, and skin.  Many are not aware of just how miraculous this oil is and how they’re missing out on the many benefits this oil contains.  Here are just ten ways that you can use this natural oil at home, in the morning, daytime or right before bed.



1- Hair mask:

If your hair is feeling dry, brittle or in need of a deep moisturizer then coconut oil is the perfect option for you.  It will moisturize your hair and scalp as well as stimulate hair growth.  Get ready for your dull hair to be revolutionized into beautiful, shiny hair.

2- Oil pulling:

This is a great way to get rid of any bacteria in your mouth as well as leave your breath feeling fresh and teeth looking white.  It’s a great way to start your day!

3- Deodorant:

If you’re looking for a deodorant that does not consist of the many chemical ingredients that normally make up your average deodorant; look no more! This amazing oil will fight any odor caused by bacteria as well as leave you feeling brand new without feeling greasy.  Check out the link in the video to find out what other ingredients are needed.

4- Shaving cream:

Looking for a fragrance-free shaving cream for sensitive skin? This cream will allow the blade to glide while leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

5- Body scrub:

In need of a rejuvenating body scrub?  In this video, you will discover the perfect concoction by just adding coconut oil and sugar.  This incredible scrub will leave your skin feeling cleansed and soft.

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