16 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Use Storage Cubes

Whether your home is big or small – or your family is big or small – organization is the key of a smooth-running household. That being said, you’ll need every tip and trick you can get! We have a great one for you today, something that is cheap, versatile, and brings an effortless sense of cool to any room: storage cubes. You can find storage cubes anywhere from Ikea to Walmart and there are a MILLION ways to use them to make your home a more efficient place. Check out our 16 favorite ways to use storage cubes around the house.

1- Rolling Bar

BarCubes 2

Perfect for entertaining or for a little reprieve after a long day, this rolling bar is a great way to keep your alcohol organized and displayed with style.

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2- Easy Dollhouse

DollhouseCube 2

This bookshelf-turned-dollhouse makes for the perfect mini-home! The cubes can act as rooms in the dollhouse and you get make this for your kids for next to nothing.

3- Crafting Storage

CraftStorageCube 2

If you’re crafty, you probably have shelves of your various supplies. Looking to consolidate to one area? Why not make your craft table your storage area as well with some cubes underneath the table top.

4- Minimalist Nightstand

NightstandCube 2

I am obsessed with this idea. A few simple cubes gives you enough tabletop room to put a lamp or an alarm clock next to your bed, but the shelves underneath also provide extra room for things you need right in the AM or for fun decor.