18 Genius Ways To Organize Your Garage

Get control of your gargage with a few simple organization tricks. These people had enough of out-of-control garages. See their simple solutions to common clutter problems:

1- Use Bungee Cords to Store balls

This is way better than crates and totes. You can see every ball and reach between the cords to pull out just the one you need.


2- Use a Magnetic Strip for Drill Bits or Screws

Just like you with kitchen knives you can purchase some inexpensive magnetic strips and use them to organize drill bits or other metal objetcs you want within reach.


3- Old Tin Cans Make Excellent Organizers

Put all those old coffee cans to good use.


4- Peg Boards are the ultimate organizer

Pick up beg board at your local home improvement store for just a few bucks. There’s a ton of ways to creatively use peg board to solve organizational problems.


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