9 Surprising, Strange, And Effective Ways To Keep Flies Away

No one wants flies buzzing around the house. They’re a pain in the behind, and they can spread disease. Once they’re in your home, they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. The best thing to do is to keep them from intruding in the first place!

Though fly repellents from stores are safe to use, some folks prefer making their own in order to know the exact ingredients they’re spraying. If you’d prefer to start making your own fly repellent, check out the 10 natural repellers below!

Imagine being able to keep your windows open and not having to worry about letting a hoard of flies into your home. On breezy summer afternoons, that sounds like an absolute dream, don’t you think so?

Do you have a fly problem? Will you be trying out any of these methods for keeping them away?

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1. Pennies

bag of pennies

No one is really sure why this works, but some folks swear by it.

If you fill a clear plastic baggie with water, toss a few pennies in there, and hang it up in the problem area, you’ll no longer be swarmed with flies.

Some say that it’s because the water magnifies the pennies and makes them look like another insect’s eyes, while others say that the reflected and refracted light from the water molecules are too overwhelming for the fly’s strong eyes. The Farm Bureau cites both of these possibilities.

2. Basil


If you keep sweet basil in your home, then you’re likely already deterring house flies from invading.

The strong scent and natural oils in basil plants keep house flies away, according to Gardening Knowhow.

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