A Bundt-iful Breakfast Casserole – Rise And Shine, Sweetie!

Make Breakfast Great Again With This AWESOME Recipe!

This breakfast bake recipe is probably one of my favorites. Why? Because it’s shaped like a bundt cake!

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you because it’s easy to make, cheesy, and very pleasy! I did make one mistake when making this breakfast bake, though and that was I forgot to spray the bundt pan with non-stick cooking spray. The casserole still turned out fine it just wasn’t very pretty haha!

My kids love to smother this bake in ketchup and honestly, I do, too! My husband enjoys a few shakes of hot sauce. What will you put on yours?

Take this breakfast bundt bake to your next church potluck or make it for a family gathering. Yum!

You guys and gals won’t believe how quickly this breakfast casserole bakes up! Plus, it looks like everyone’s favorite cake…a bundt! Just slice yourself off a hunk and begin your morning with forkfuls of flavors. beef, cheese. eggs, spinach…this breakfast bundt contains the works! And get this, if you have any leftovers they freeze up well! You can’t go wrong with this yummy breakfast recipe. Enjoy!

Check out what my mom had to say about this recipe:
I had 5 children under one roof at one time and making breakfast casseroles like this bundt always kept my brood happy, healthy, and fed.

Thanks for always making us GREAT breakfasts, mom!
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