Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes, well, you feel like transforming one of your favorite candy bars into its own jingle-ready treat!

My Almond Joy Cookies build on the requisite ingredients – coconut, chocolate, and almonds, with the addition of just a few extra items to keep this Almond Joy recipe easy and accessible (no forcing yourself out of pajamas for a trip to the store), while still being a sweet, indulgent alternative to digging out last year’s Halloween candy.

The Almond Joy candy bar was introduced in 1946 by the Peter Paul Manufacturing Company (later bought by Hershey), over two decades after its dark-chocolate, coconut-laden predecessor (the one WITHOUT the nuts) came onto the market. It consistently ranks among the favorites in the Hershey’s family, and the famous jingle will likely trigger fond memories for anyone watching television in the ‘80s.

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Its popularity and consumer nostalgia have spawned references to Almond Joy in sitcom and movie dialogue, even song lyrics, over the last half-century. I’m hoping they’ll be making movies about my Almond Joy Cookies soon enough!

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