An Invitation to Celebrate Thanksgiving Any Day of the Year

When I was growing up, we had lunch at my grandparent’s house every Sunday afternoon for almost twenty years, before my parents took over the tradition. One of my absolute favorite meals on those afternoons was what my grandpa called “Thanksgiving Light” – he would roast a turkey breast, make mashed potatoes and gravy and two big pans of hearty, rich and savory cornbread dressing. All of it was delicious, but that dressing was the star of the show – more of a main dish than the turkey.

My grandfather wasn’t always in charge of the whole meal, but whenever he was, this menu was usually his first choice. He absolutely loved having all those big holiday tastes any day of the year and even in the middle of June, everything always felt more festive and special when we did. This recipe is the closest I’ve ever found to his amazing cornbread stuffing, which he never wrote down because he knew it by heart.

It’s been years since Sunday afternoon meals were a weekly event, but I’ve never forgotten how comforting they felt. I’ve done my best to ensure that my own family gets to feel that familiar warmth and enjoy some of the food that I remember best.

This recipe has become part of my own version of my grandpa’s “Thanksgiving Light”, and the surprise of getting to eat what is usually considered special occasion food on an otherwise ordinary night is still as fun and special for my family now as it was for me back then.

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